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Release: 3.2.0

This release is all about better support of Umbraco Cloud and using Tea Commerce with custom product data. This gives you the opportunity to use Tea Commerce with e.g data from a search index, your own product database, an XML file with products etc.

Better Umbraco Cloud support

Umbraco Cloud is a great tool made by the great people at Umbraco HQ. Tea Commerce now support the domain umbraco.io as a valid test domain. So now you can test as much as you like :)

Packages for Umbraco normally use package actions to do custom install tasks - e.g. installing DB scheme, adding application trees etc. Package actions is not supported in the flow of Umbraco Cloud. So to better support it, we removed all the package actions and made Tea Commerce bootstrap the install process on application load. This means that Tea Commerce will detect if it is fully installed, else it will run its install tasks. So now Tea Commerce will auto install in all your Umbraco Cloud environments.

No data is moved

At the moment, we don't move any Tea Commerce data on Umbraco Cloud. So when you create a new shipping method on your local, you also need to create it in your other environments. That is by purpose, because when a shop is online you don't want a payment method deleted by accident, because you deleted it on your local machine for testing.

Your products, categories etc, is just normal Umbraco content and is there by automatically moved by Umbraco out of the box.

Use Tea Commerce with non Umbraco content

Using other data than the Umbraco content as your product data has been made more integrated. Tea Commerce will now be able to interact with your custom product objects. We have created and tested the new feature focusing on making a way to let Tea Commerce use the Examine index as it's product backing. This makes searching and cross-referencing products extremely fast, and Tea Commerce will not waste any time when creating prices and getting other information from the products.
To read about how to create your own generic product information extractor click here



Huge generic product overhaul


Use Tea Commerce with non Umbraco content - e.g. search index, custom product DB, XML file etc.


Support Umbraco Cloud (Auto install on environment - no data is moved)


umbraco.io is now a valid domain for testing


Order calculator calculated prices when when using bundles and discounts at the same time


New tree icons i backoffice (Thanks Matt Brailsford)


Right access permissions are given when user is given access to the Tea Commerce section


One class can suppress multiple dependencies


Removed currencyId from TC.FormatPrice


IProductInformationExtractor, IPublishedContentProductInformationExtractor and IProductService have been extended with extra methods


TC.GetVariantGroups() now needs the product


Variant models namespaces have been streamlined