Configure ePay

Login to the ePay administration. Change the language to English by clicking on the flag at the bottom left side.

Click Settings -> Payment system in the menu to the left. Enter the domain of your e-commerce solution (automatically includes all subdomains). Then select that ePay should work with unique order ids, and enter a security key of your choice.


Next click on the API / Webservices -> Access menu item. Enter a random webservice password and at the same time add the external IP address of your server running the webshop.


Configure Tea Commerce

Create a payment method and select ePay as the payment provider. Now configure the settings.

ePay supports a wide range of different settings which you can read more about in their documentation.

Key Description
merchantnumber Find it in ePay administration **Settings -> Payment system -> Merchant number**
language UI language of the payment window presented to the customer
accepturl URL customer is redirected to when the payment is completed
cancelurl URL customer is redirected to when he cancels the payment
instantcapture Whether the payment is deducted immediately from the customers credit card
paymenttype Which card types the customer can select to pay with
windowstate Different modes the payment window can open in
iframeelement Id of a HTML element to insert the iFrame into
md5securitykey Find it in ePay administration **Settings -> Payment system**
webservicepassword Find it in ePay administration **API / Webservices -> Access**
testMode Whether or not test mode is enabled


Configure Website

To use the ePay payment provider, it is required by ePay, that you add the following script reference in your <head> section of your website. The script handles the opening of the payment window on the page itself or in a popup window.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.epay.dk/js/standardwindow.js"></script>
Last Updated: 2/6/2019, 8:40:54 AM