Configure PayEx

Login to the PayEx administration.

Add server IP

First you need to add the IP of your server running your webshop. Click Merchant profile in the left menu, enter the server IP and click save.


Generate encryption key

Next up is to generate an encryption key. Click New encryption key and copy it for later use and then click Save encryption key.


Configure Tea Commerce

Create a payment method and select PayEx as the payment provider. Now configure the settings.

Key Description
accountNumber Find it in PayEx administration **Merchant profile** page
clientLanguage UI language of the payment window presented to the customer
returnURL URL customer is redirected to when the payment is completed
cancelUrl URL customer is redirected to when he cancels the payment
purchaseOperation Whether the payment is deducted immediately from the customers credit card
encryptionKey Encryption key generated in PayEx
testing Whether or not test mode is enabled


Last Updated: 2/6/2019, 8:40:54 AM