You can apply for a Ogone account to get you started.


Configure Ogone

Login to the Ogone administration.

Your subscription and options

Select the subscription you need - I just selected Horizon for this test scenario. In the next step you have to activate the Refunds and User manager options.

Your payment methods

Add the different payment options you need for your e-commerce solution. For testing you can just add the VISA payment option. If you don't have a signed contract with an acquiring partner, just select the I have not yet signed a contract... to allow VISA

Activate Fraud detection module

Activate Fraud detection

Your technical settings

First click the Confirm and go to 'Data and origin verification' button located in the lower right corner. Select SHA-512 as the hash algorithm and UFT-8 as the character encoding and confirm this step. Just confirm the Payment page layout page. Fill in all 4 fields

"I want to receive transaction feedback parameters on the redirection URLs". has to be choosen Input SHA-OUT Select "NO" in "Receive transaction confirmation e-mails": Select I want to simulate transaction results based on the card number. Activate the account Add an API user REMEMBER to setup which currencies you want to allow - "Account" ->"Currencies

Configure Tea Commerce

Create a payment method and select Ogone as the payment provider. Now configure the settings.

Ogone supports a wide range of different settings which you can read more about in their documentation.

PSPID Your Ogone login name
LANGUAGE UI language of the payment window presented to the customer
ACCEPTURL URL customer is redirected to when the payment is completed
CANCELURL URL customer is redirected to when he cancels the payment
BACKURL URL customer is redirected to when he clicks the back button
PMLIST Which card types should be possible for the customer to choose
SHAINPASSPHRASE Find it in Ogone administration **Configuration -> Technical information -> Data and origin verification**
SHAOUTPASSPHRASE Find it in Ogone administration **Configuration -> Technical information -> Transaction feecback**
APIUSERID Find it in Ogone administration **Configuration -> Users**
APIPASSWORD Find it in Ogone administration **Configuration -> Users**
TESTMODE Whether or not test mode is enabled


Last Updated: 2/6/2019, 8:40:54 AM